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June 29, 2007

page finished on Gathering Dew. I have finished page 10. So only page 7, 8, 11, and 12 to do.

Tuesday I managed 446 stitches on Gathering Dew. On wednesday I managed 176 stitches on Snow Pixie and was trying desperately to finish a page, but just as I was about to do the last five stitches I found that I hadn’t got the thread I needed to finish it. But Liz went and got it for me, and put it in the post. So thank you Liz *HUGS*

Yesterday I went to see my friend who had a hip replacement, and I managed to get her stitching some of her tapasterys that she hadn’t touched in years. I also managed to get 244 stitches done.

I also had some sad new yesterday, my Uncle John, my Fathers brother, died from cancer at about 9.00am. That makes three people on my Fathers side dying from Cancer. His Mother, sister and brother. Not good.

Thank you for reading *HUGS*


After the Fairy Sal
June 26, 2007

Well here is Gathering Dew after the Fairy SAL on the HAED BB Gathering Dew as of the 25th of June 2007 this is after 1866 stitches from Thurdsday the 21st of June 2007 to the 25th of June 2007.

Now I am going to try and finishe page 10 before the end of the month.

Thank you for reading *HUSG*

I have now
June 25, 2007

finished page 6, so I am doing a happy dance. I also managed to get 407 stitches done yesterday. However the laptop was playing up yesterday, so while talking to Lana, Nicole, Liz and PJ I was sat at the computer, which is not the ideal thing, and did some stitching.

Today is the last day of the Fairy SAL on the HAED BB so I will be putting a picture on here tomorrow so that you can see the progress that I have made. I would like to finish page 10 before the end of the month, however I don’t think that it will happen. But I am going to try.

Thank you for reading *HUGS*

Alot done
June 24, 2007

but not alot really. You see on the HAED BB it is Fairy SAL this weekend. Also Lana’s (angelaine4) husband and children have gone away, so she asked people on the board if they would like to chat to her and Nicole (HAEDstitcher). Last time Lana’s husband was away she spent alot of money, so we are trying to keep her on the straight and narrow by just keeping her company.

Well the first day, Thursday the 21st of June 2007, was a bit hit and miss, as I didn’t think that I could stitch while sitting at the computer so I did no stitching at all. However I am now joining in with the rotation that Cole and Lana are doing. So I will be having some new starts in the not too distant future. As the saying goes keep your eyes peeled.

So Friday I decided that I would get the Laptop going and update it, it has been a while since I used it! So I updated it and updated the antivirus and everything and got it working. So I was watching the telly, stitching and talking to Liz, Lana, Cole, PJ and Kyrie. Stitching wise I managed 402 stitches. So not bad really.

Saturday we nearly convinced Liz to join our rotation as well, I don’t know if she is convinced yet or not. Anyway the laptop was working in the morning and then I needed to get some e-mails on the computer. So I started it up and then the laptop wouldn’t work. So I got the strop with it and switched it off. I can now stitch at the computer so I have been doing that. And as it is right next to the back door I have natural light to work with. You see if I sit in the sitting room I have to have a light on regardless of how bright it is otherwise I can’t see my work!!

So I managed 470 stitches as well as going out for dinner. So not too bad at all. But I am still trying to finish page 6. So I will get off of here and do some more stitching.

Thank you for reading *HUGS*

Snow Pixie after
June 21, 2007

the HAED BB QS SAL from yesterday. Here she is before I started the SAL QS Snow Pixie as of the 13th of June 2007 and here she is after QS Snow Pixie as of the 20th of June 2007 I managed 692 stitches in her. I am trying hard to get the bottom two pages done before the end of the month. Which means I only have next week to do that. I have over 90 on one page and about 50 on the other, but they are all different colours and I tend to go and finish the thread before I start another one. So it may not happen next week!!

I am joining in the Fairy SAL on the HAED BB today with Gathering Dew, you know it is not until you step away from your work do you really see the picture. For example, taking a picture and then looking at your work then. I have just looked at Gathering Dew (I looked to see if I needed to add a picture for you to look at) and I can see her arm and the vine hanging arounder her arm, I can see her hands starting to show. All of which I can’t see when I am working on her.

Anyway thank you for reading *HUGS*

June 20, 2007

I am joining in with the HAED BB QS with Snow Pixie and I will post a after picture when and if I get time tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Gathering Dew before the Fairy SAL on the HAED BB Gathering Dew as of the 19th of June 2007 on Sunday I managed 343 stitches on her, but only 59 stitches on Monday as I was in the shop painting again. Tuesday I managed 118 stitches, because I went shopping and that took most of the day.

Well I must try and get more of Snow Pixie done before I go to the Doctors at 16.00 and then pick Charlie up with his friend who is staying the night.

Thank you for reading *HUGS*

Thank you Liz (flyingstitcher)
June 17, 2007

Liz RAKed me a chart by Heaven and Earth Designs Gossamer Princess by Selina Fenech Gossamer Princess by Selina Fenech

Well I did 350 stitches on Gathering Dew on Friday and I didn’t do any yesterday. Well you see I went swimming in the morning and then when we came home we had lunch and I came to look at things in the computer. And I was talking to Liz on here and she was saying that my wishlist on the Heaven and Earth Design site wasn’t very up to date! So I spen the rest of the day looking at the site and going throught every artist that is listed and looking at the art work and deciding what I would like and adding it to my lists. You see I have two, one for Quick Stitches and the other for the normal size pieces of art. well on the full size pieces I have 150 listed and on the Quick Stitces I have 17 listed. That is until HAED release more charts. Oh my I will really have to live to a very old age. Or as Liz suggested, get my daughter Rebecca into cross stitch and then at least I will have someone to leave them to and they may get stitched that way. But if she is like me she will have an equally as bit a stash pile. LOL

Oh yes and by the way there is a sale on the Heaven and Earth Design site until Sunday midnight America time. And there is 25% off the normal price. So if you have never done one before now is the time to try. Even if it is only a QS, you choose a chart, put it into the basket, make an account if you haven’t already, pay for the item. They accept PAYPAL, adn then you are directed back to the site to download your chart. You need Adobe for this but it is free and the charts are really clear and easy to print off.

Enought of me for now, thank you for reading *HUGS*

Not that many
June 15, 2007

but still better than none, I managed 296 on Gthering Dew.

Well my didn’t go as planed yesterday. The post came with a letter that I had been waiting for to take to the local council telling them that my son was feeling suicidal from the situation that we are in here this house, well the estate. Anyway I then thought that I would go to the post office, as a bill had arrived as well and I wanted to pay it, so I thought I will leave at about 11.00am. Well Rebecca had other ideas and fell asleep!

So I left home at just before 12.00pm and paid my bill and then went to South Cambridgeshire District Council to give them the letter from Charlie’s Doctor. I had filled out a special needs form when I filled out my aplication to be moved. Well when I got there and was eventually seen I was asked if I had filled one out. Of course I said yes and told her how when i personally handed the application form in the lady took it off me and placed an elastic band around them. Well they couldn’t find it and would I mind filling out another form. Which I did. What I didn’t realise is that the forms are given to a Doctor and then points are added accordingly. I thought that someone within South Cambs took the special needs form and decided the points.

Well eventually I left at 1.00pm, this was the time that I thought that I would be at Sainsbury’s, the large supermarket on Coldhams Lane in Cambridge.

I visited the shop and exchanged money with my Father and then went to Sainsbury’s. Well at the time that I should have been at the interview, 3.00pm I was just going through the checkout. So I was starting to panic. I had to get half way across cambridge and park!!!

Well I arrived at 3.15pm and apparently the lady was just getting ready to pack up and go home, so I appologised and we had our interview and talk and I was given a folder to read and I am going back at 9.15am on the 2nd of August 2007 to fill out more forms and do more of the assesments.

Apparently I did really well on my computer skills!!!! The next time we meet we are going to see what sort of job would suit me. So that could be fun.

Anyway thank you for reading *HUGS*

June 14, 2007

Well I managed to get 830 stitches done yesterday on Snow Pixie and her is what she looked like afterwards QS Snow Pixie so today I am back on Gathering Dew. I don’t think that I will get alot done as I have an appointment in Cambridge today at 3.00pm and I am going to do the shopping while I am there to kill two birds with one stone. So I am going to leave at 12.30pm and I won’t be back until about 5.00pm I think. Hopefully earlier.

Thank you for reading *HUGS*

I must be getting
June 13, 2007

back into the swing of things, as I managed 410 stitches yesterday on Gathering Dew and today I am going to be joining in on the HAED BB with the Wednesday QS SAL with Snow Pixie and this is what she looks like at the start of the SAL QS SNow Pixie I am hopeful that I will get alot done, but we will see how the day pans out.

Thank you for reading *HUGS*